Welcome to MM Hypnotherapy


Marie Moss,Highly trained  Clinical Hypnotherapist in York, providing effective therapy to help you.

Smoking –  Not only is it anti social and expensive it can have a negative impact on your health. If you are ready to kick the habit then call me.

Weightloss – a licenced HypnoSlimmer Consultant using a proven technique developed to help you get slimmer & fitter.

Fears & Phobias – spiders, clowns or flying, funny to some but those who experience them know how the impact on daily life. Where ever they originate from, hypnotherapy can change your reaction.

Anxiety, Depression, Stress & Panic Attacks – my specialist area.  Using safe but effective techniques to help you cope and over come

Nail Biting & habits – 1 session could put you back in control.

Sleep Disorders – Sleep is fundamental to health and hypnotherapy can bring the rest and repair you need.

Hypnobirthing – preparing you and your family for the most amazing gift of life.

Self Esteem & Confidence – these can hinder so many wonderful experiences and opportunities. Using hypnotherapy to give you the power, energy and confidence to achieve anything.  You were born perfect….you remain so.