Generally a psychological therapy for the treatment of unwanted feelings, habits and emotional disorders. A talking therapy that seeks alternatives ways to react and behave.
A distinguishing characteristic of hypnotherapy is that it addresses the subconscious mind to uncover connections to those unwanted behaviors, past and present. This is achieved using the language of the subconscious, the imagination. Techniques for this may include imaginary, stories or metaphors or a combination.
What should the client expect?
Firstly it is important that you find the right therapist, check the General Hypnotherapy Register the agency for General Hypnotherapy Standards Council to see if your therapist is registered.If this is for HypnoSlimmer check they are on consultant listing. Consultation should be free, it is important that both you and the therapist are comfortable and that you are both happy to proceed ( go away an think about it if you have doubts). The hypnotherapist will prescribe sessions and agree costs.